Markeith Wiley


Markeith Wiley is a California nativenow living in Seattle WA. He is a dance maker, performer and instructor of manystyles in the greater Seattle area. He holds a BFA in Dance from CornishCollege of the Arts. Markeith has studied under Mark Haines, Wade Madsen, Jason Olberg, Sofia Careras, Daniel Cruz, KT Niehoff and many others. He has performed with Cruz Control, Sandstrom Movement, The Seatown Allstars, The Sho, Saint Genet and DeLaRue Presents. Markeith is a co- founder of Stitch Movement Collective as well as theartistic director of The New Animals. Markeith is currently a Lingo company member and the choreographer ofWashington Ensemble Theatre’s first musical, “The Callers.”