The Council

Welcome to The Council: Our Council, Your Council

Presented by Markeith Wiley & The New Animals

March 9th & 10th @ The Annex Theater. 8pm

Markeith & The New Animals present: “The Council.” This is a piece in the genre of Hip-Hop Dance Theater, directed by Markeith Wiley with key collaborators Tim Smith-Stewart (words and co-direction) and This Bitch Don’t Fall Off (sound). With the help of seven other dancers the piece takes the structure of a mundane city council meeting and flips it on its tail. The Council deals with theme of Chaos and Order, Political power struggles and the Secrets kept once alliances are made. Meet the council:

Markeith Wiley: Council Present Williams

Sarah Butler: Council Member Harris

Gabby Bruya: Council Member Stephens

Danielle Hammer: Council Member May

Amy Johnson: Council Member Hall

Jamie Karlovich: Council Member Robbins

Jenny Peterson: Council Member Waller

Calie Swedberg: Council Member Nelson

In addition to The Council is a show filled with “Late Night” entertainment brought to you by BOOM! Theater Co. Direction/Choreography by: Elissa Joy Eskridge. Please welcome “Talk Show Host” to the stage of The Annex Theater.
Tickets are $12. Tickets are available at the door or in advance at


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